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 Court Intrigue: A Sailor Moon RP

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PostSubject: Court Intrigue: A Sailor Moon RP   Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:22 am

The King and Queen Are Dead

Long live the queen.

It was 16 years ago that the Argenians came to Earth demanding the Silver Crystal, and 13 new Senshi, known as the Zodiacs, were empowered. Over the course of a month, great Crystal Tokyo landmarks were shattered, the palace defences were breached, and the Sol suffered great losses of life, including their beloved Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. The Argenians, however, failed in their bid for the crystal and their remaining numbers were left stranded on Earth, homeless and powerless. The new queen, the younger Serenity, took pity on them and granted them immunity for their crimes during the war. Their young queen, Katsuragi Ava, was granted the full privilege due her rank and reigns over the few of her people who are left, a queen without a country.

Understandably, many of Crystal Tokyo's citizens took the amnesty granted to the Argenians as a slap in the face, after all that had happened. Discrimination and violence against the remaining Argenians was not uncommon, and some even plotted revolt against Queen Serenity and her entire government.

A year after the events of that bloody summer, Earth was contacted by another alien race, known as the Divya. These people claimed to be the gods of Earth's ancient history, and were quite displeased to find that humanity had placed all its faith in and had advanced to its high technological state through the magic of a crystal. After a month of fighting, the Divya succeeded in setting off an electromagnetic pulse which plunged humanity into darkness, with none of the technology they had become so heavily reliant on. The Argenian people have been instrumental in helping humanity learn to live more simply again. Some of the Divya have actually stayed behind to help re-teach humanity and help them advance without such reliance on the crystal.

It's now been 15 years since the events of Beyond the Crimson Moonlight. Queen Serenity has married her love, Helios the Priest of Elysion, and the new prince has decided to seek out a successor to replace him in his duties as Guardian of Elysion so that he may remain with his new bride. The Sol who died in the previous wars have been reborn into their newest incarnations and are just waiting to be awakened into their powers. The Zodiac Senshi, though they have regained their powers through Ava's crystal, have failed to pass them on to their own children.

But after 15 years of peace and rebuilding, a new threat has emerged from a most unlikely place. Is Earth ready to withstand yet another war?

Court Intrigue is an advanced RPG based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. We've been around five years now, and are currently on our third storyline, which is a slightly AU continuation of our first and second storylines. If you weren't around for our previous stories, don't worry-- timelines, summaries, and other resources await if you need to catch up. There are openings for both canonical and original characters, and staff will be glad to help you find out where you fit in.

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Court Intrigue: A Sailor Moon RP

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