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 One Sky: A Kingdom Hearts/Multi-fandom RP

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PostSubject: One Sky: A Kingdom Hearts/Multi-fandom RP   Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:46 am

Kingdom Hearts
One Sky

Years have past since the events that Xemnas created. The worlds have seemed at peace with little trouble from the darkness that lurks from the corners. Groups have formed in the different worlds to help reconstruct the damage that was done and prevent future losses from happening. However, how long will this peace last?

Someone only referred to as simply 'Unknown' has started to gather the darker hearts around the worlds. The purpose is shrouded in mystery leaving those only to wonder what is being planned and why. Can they be stopped by those labeled 'Heroes'? Or will the darkness finally take over the light?

If that wasn't enough the nobodies are back along with, new creatures that are stirring in the remains of the land where the war only thought of as forgotten was held, the Great Keyblade War. Now a barren landscape with nothing but wasteland to offer now called the Keyblade Graveyard. What are these creatures? Beings with stolen light from the Kingdom Hearts themselves. Lost without memories of their past lives. These Remnants are all that remain, looking for a purpose.

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  • Friendly and patient Staff
  • Overall Site plot/s
  • Original Plots welcome
  • New worlds
  • Most Characters are aloud
  • A new group of Original Canons are available
  • Quick easy and fun Munny shop with automatic buy system and resell + characters specific items.
  • More worlds and items will be added over time.
  • NOW REOPENED and brandnew!
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One Sky: A Kingdom Hearts/Multi-fandom RP

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