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 Bleach Dynasty RPG

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PostSubject: Bleach Dynasty RPG   Thu Jul 19, 2012 4:29 pm

Catastrophe's fell everywhere. The rich, the poor, everyone received equal devastation. Incurable diseases spread, rain poured masses, earth shook, lightning struck, the world was at natures mercy, but it could only get worst.

Floods, tidal waves, land slides, all aiming to kill and destroy what's left of the already diminishing human race.

Countries sank, nations died, only a few remained, and 2 prospered in power. What was once called the USA is now the Western Alliance.

An alliance of western countries, fighting to survive with what resources is left of the world, but they're not alone.

Another alliance is formed, one of the east, the asian countries, mostly the orients, China, Korea, Japan, and some middle eastern countries near enough.

They called themselves the Eastern Alliance like the western countries have.

War was inevitable with diminishing resources, there was too much land, not enough production, too many deaths, not enough humanity.

Money meant nothing, only food and resources was essential for survival, and only the privileged got there share of rations.

Many were left just to die of hunger, half-dead bodies, crawling, begging for food, eating dirt, drinking there own .... just to quench thirst.

It was the end of the world before their very eyes, but man still lives, and man can only continue standing till it's final judgement.

Join the alliance now.


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Bleach Dynasty RPG

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