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PostSubject: TNRPG   Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:43 pm

Hi there. I'm Seia-Chan and I'd like to advertise and possibly affiliare my fav site with yours! Plz check us out!


I'd like to invite you to my favorite Naruto RP site, TNRPG. It's a community 6 years in the making, with great RPers. We have good stories going on, have events every few months or so, and have a stat upgrading system and money system. Learning jutsu and getting better is a lot of fun to do! Just check it out, even if you decide not to join!

cannon clans are available, and Konoha is our village that needs the most members, with apps open for most ranks (though ALL villages *save for Suna because right now Suna needs to be rebuilt* need Genin). All other villages are also needing new ninja, but currently Suna is down until we get more members. it may open later on.
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