A new and upcoming Naruto Text-base RP where you have freedom to be whoever you want, and fit in a unique plot and systems!
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PostSubject: DRAGONBALL: ANTHOLOGY   Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:56 am

Anthology: A Saga-Based Dragonball RPG

Welcome to one of the most laid back RPGs on the internet. Here at Dragonball Anthology, we are dedicated to providing the most comfortable and friendly roleplaying environment while keeping a very interactive storyline for our members. Though the official site storyline currently takes place in the era between Dragonball Z and GT, characters from all timelines and dimensions are welcome. Unlike other RPGs, our sagas are held in real time by way of multi-paragraph chatroom posts on a weekly basis, though personal storylines are welcomed in RPs in forum posts and are not required to intertwine directly with the site's official plot. Both stats and pure-RP characters are welcome, as are anyone interested in playing canons or original characters of their own creation. If you like to be rewarded for your writings, you'll definitely enjoy our user-friendly stat system with a learning curve of about 10 minutes! Post personal sagas, random or cooperative RPs with your friends, we allow pretty much everything here! Check us out, you'll be glad that you did!

Note: We do keep a site rating of Mature, so make sure that you are comfortable with cursing, sarcasm and themes of an adult nature before joining.

Storyline Arcs

Arc 1: President Gero, A Utopia No More (Complete)

Arc 1.5: Otherworldly Cry (Prequel Arc to 'Divinity,' In Progress)

Arc 2: Purity (Complete)

Arc 3: Divinity (In Progress)

We hope to see you soon!

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