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 Naruto Valor Over Liberty

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PostSubject: Naruto Valor Over Liberty   Fri Nov 16, 2012 4:02 am

Naruto Valor over Liberty

Many bare burdens while others cling to destinies. Life is full of revenge which is why we hold grudges. Have we not learned yet have we been so blind as to see that we won't get freedom unless we have courage. Are we that arrogant? Are we that ignorant? Are we that stupid?

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With the five kage summit right around the corner and the Hikage and his subordinates on the move to catch the first tailed beast everything seems to be going well, but sadly we are mistaken. It is now finally time for the shirotori to come out of hiding and reek the havoc they so desprately need all over the ninja world. Their motives are to capture kages and bijuu alike. Why that is, is because they think the most powerful beings who walk the planet are the culprits to why the ninja world is in such a shame. So once they capture the Kage and bijuu they will kill them, and once they kill them they will kill everything and everyone else, and once that goal is complete there next goal is to take over the new ninja world and create a new one. Right from scratch. Their goal is already starting, they killed the first donkage and are on the move to capture the next powerful being. Who may that person be you may ask, no one knows, lets just hope we can stop them before they kill us.

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Naruto Valor Over Liberty

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