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 IMAGINERS*, an original fantasy rp

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PostSubject: IMAGINERS*, an original fantasy rp   Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:58 pm

The town of Alamira is connected to a vast landscape called the Dream World, a place with a rare resource called Dream Dust that Alamira uses to function and survive.

While everyone seems normal in the Real World, in the Dream World, they are what they truly are, for the Dream World bestows any one of three skills to whosoever wanders within it. Some imagine objects never before seen, others open and point the way through the doors that riddle the Dream World, and a handful seem to have strange powers only in this dimension.

Alamira's Base of Operations hires such gifted people to go to the Dream World and attain as much Dust as possible so that their world can survive, but nothing comes without a price.

What's the particular cost of taking from the Dream World, you wonder?

Become an Imaginer, a Navigator, a Fighter, or the feral Nightmare class, traverse the Dreamscape, and find out!

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IMAGINERS*, an original fantasy rp

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