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 Reikoku na District [IF] - A Modern Day City RP

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PostSubject: Reikoku na District [IF] - A Modern Day City RP   Sat Sep 22, 2012 7:28 pm

☆It had been so long since Reikoku District had become crime central that no one really remembers how it came to be that way. Now the year is 2012 and not much has improved; If anything, it's gotten worse. For outsiders, it seemed like Hell on Earth, but for the citizens, it was home. Although a large portion of Reikoku's population consisted of criminals, there were still normal citizens who resided in the District. Perhaps they weren't so normal after all considering the fact that they're willingly choosing to stay in such a dangerous place, but they saw no reason to be run out of town by their surroundings. Although dangerous, Reikoku has somewhat of a wacky air to it, as if someone's going to throw a pie in your face while walking down the street. Many ask about the Reikoku Police Department and just what they were doing to stop the crime, but the Chief simply replied that they were working on it. Whether or not that was the truth was unknown at this time, but they sure are taking their sweet time in doing their job. Perhaps Reikoku will be this way forever...or perhaps a new face will change everything.

☆You can be a Delinquent, Teacher, Student, Vigilante, Police Officer, or even just a normal Civilian.

☆You can have up to 5 Characters total

☆4 Current Street Gangs

☆Opened on 8/6/12! Welcoming new members and Affiliates!

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Reikoku na District [IF] - A Modern Day City RP

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