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 SAA [ModernFantasy/Mutation/School/Military/City]

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St Aiden

PostSubject: SAA [ModernFantasy/Mutation/School/Military/City]   Sun Sep 02, 2012 9:21 pm

War, Abduction, Uncertainty
Three Species

With the threat of war, the Blith government responded by creating a superhuman weapon. What they hadn't expected was that their secret weapon would break free of their control and begin their own operations. So the government created a second race to counter the new threat, but they too broke from the government, refusing to take part as an active political role.

Some humans join the military as others carry on their days, but things just seem like one big mess in the city of Hailspire with humans being abducted by both the first superhuman race and the government left, right and center.
And now, it seems something more sinister is slowly crawling into the picture...
Can anyone step up to reset the balance of the unusual circumstances? At this rate, Hailspire will fall.
Welcome to St. Aiden's Academy
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SAA [ModernFantasy/Mutation/School/Military/City]

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