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 redakai:a new generation

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PostSubject: redakai:a new generation   Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:19 pm

15 years has gone past after the orignal season of redakai(conquer the kairu). A new kairu warrior generation has been born, with a new main protagonist called CHASE . He and his friends MIWA and BRUCAN battle together as a team, they are called team corodia. Instead of kairu battling anywhere, a new mordern arena has been built using kairu energy,the kairuBATTLE REALM.
Not long after kairu battle realm was built a new evil warrior rose,his name was Nobunaji , he battled with a x-drive(kairu monster) called NIGHTMARE REAPER . His aim was to collect the ancient KAIRU ORB from the kairu temple to make Nightmare reaper the most powerfull kairu monster ever known and to use the power to destroy earth and re-create it along with all kairu energy and x-drives in his own image.
Would Chase be able to save it or would Nobunaji be able to destroy it?
Watch out for Redakai: A New Generation!.
- Before as you know the kairu warrior tranforms into a kairu monster but now you are given the chance of throwing in your kairu monster and using it's special abilities by card commands.
- A new battle system has been introduce with which you can either choose to battle with one kairu monster(1vs1) or with three(3vs3).
- A new mordenised arena has been introduce, where you can have your fans see you battle live!.
- A new and latest upgrade of Redakai is the use of robot like weapons for battle which the kairu monster stronger.
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redakai:a new generation

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