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 Circus of the Damned;; An Anita Blake RPG

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PostSubject: Circus of the Damned;; An Anita Blake RPG   Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:00 pm


Who are we?
---Circus of the Damned is a semi-literate to literate alternate universe (AU) Anita Blake roleplaying community.

When are we?
---We are set during the present year of 2012. The story plotline will follow real time events (this includes seasons, holidays, ect.) Some holidays and such may be extended due to site-wide events or plot purposes.

So, what's the plot?
Addison V. Clarke
All vampires shall be seen as legal citizens of the United States.

That’s right! No more secrets. The world of vampires, lycans, and witches has been revealed and furthermore, accepted! They walk among us in everyday life as our neighbors, co-workers, and even our bosses. It’s strange how the old horror stories have come to reality, although they were wrong about a few things. Not all of them are hostile…some are actually pretty nice. Of course, there are those that thirst for blood…err…well, you know what I mean. It’s always a smart idea to watch your back, just in case. Suspicious activity in the Red Light District has been reported, so be sure to stay clear. Remember, vampires are only around at night…

Be careful or you might end up the closing act in the Circus of the Damned.

**A more developed site plot will be introduced at a later time. The focus right now is more on character building with plots and relationships with other characters. Once we have a nice community, we'll introduce a more detailed plot.**

What makes us different than others?
---Friendly staff always around to cure boredom or answer questions.
---In-character and out-of-character chatboxes (both premium).
---A unique and interactive Powers System.
---An open plot to allow for character development so no one feels left out.
---Zero tolerance for drama.
---Many leader positions still open.
---Set in the beautiful New York City!

And hey! Even if you don't know the Anita Blake series, you can still join! We'll work with you on understanding the concepts and species in the Anitaverse.

[align=center]Hope to see you guys soon! Enjoy![/align]
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Circus of the Damned;; An Anita Blake RPG

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