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 Konoha in Red

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PostSubject: Konoha in Red   Sat Aug 11, 2012 7:45 pm

Konoha In Red

There has been peace in the world for a long time... too long. The Seventh Hokage Konohamaru Sarutobi has recently passed into the grave, and the peace that he established in Konoha could quickly come crashing down. On his death bed he names his daughter Aya his successor as Hokage, and as he dies she is indeed selected for the position. However, how can one follow in such great footsteps as those of the great negotiator of peace? The new Eighth Hokage is untrusted and unliked, as those who she has sworn to protect become jealous of her position granted her by her father. With tensions rising like this, something is bound to crack and fall. The year era of peace lasting almost a century may be coming to an end.

As a new graduate of the Academy, where will you stand? Will you storm the battlefield with advanced forms of ninjutsu at your fingertips? Will you tend the wounded while knocking away your opponents as a medical shinobi? Will you possess great cunning and manipulate your foes from afar with your genjutsu? Or will you be a jack of all trades, being proficient in many styles and being adaptable to all sorts of dangers and pitfalls? The possibilities are all up to you. As the newest generation of Leaf Shinobi, it is your duty to either uphold or subvert the rising powers of the Village.

Konoha in Red is set one hundred years after the time of everyone's favorite Jinchuriki. With a system that rewards people for being active without the need for tedious massive word counts, Konoha in Red promises to provide intrigue, friendship, and power. A growing group of devoted writers and players are working to include you into a world where you aren't just a pawn in a war, you're the movers and shakers of it. Applications have no set minimums or maximums, so if you want to get up and moving as fast as possible you can, and there are friendly people willing to help you be the type of ninja that you want to be. With skill, and a little luck, you'll be on your way to even leading your own Squad if you wish. Everyone starts as equals, and the most devoted are the ones who are the most powerful. Stop by and check us out if you've the time, we'll be interested in including you into our world.

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Konoha in Red

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